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Anders Austad Team

Similar styles and values, healthy ambition, and a fresh approach to doing business brought Shaun Anders and Christopher Austad together to form the AndersAustad Team. These accomplished real estate partners and award-winning professionals join forces with their talented agents, bringing clients the advantage of decades of experience, and incomparable knowledge of the NYC market.

Formidable experts in real estate, the team serves the needs of buyers, sellers, investors, developers, landlords and renters, from resales to new construction.  Rather than pigeon-hole themselves in specific neighborhoods, they work in all unique niches of New York City spanning Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

“Whether showing and staging properties, conducting market analysis, advising developers or negotiating deals, we cover lots of ground and many
different aspects of the market. We come from diverse backgrounds, and speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin; but what really sets us apart is our open-minded approach, tenacity, and passion for NYC and real estate, which translates to great client service!”

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575 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022